Welcome to Stevens Point Judo Club!

We would love to have you come and workout with us. If you haven't practiced Judo before, we would like to welcome you to the Olympic sport.

We have a wonderful group of students and instructors that have been practicing Judo for over 50 years.

The Stevens Point Judo club is a small town club that offers personal instruction, with a big town repertoire. You will see a diverse range of students and instructors. We provide instruction from recreational Judo to self-defense instruction to national competition instruction. We have black belts that have competed both nationally and internationally. There are kata instructors that teach prearranged techniques to MMA practitioners. With this diverse group of instructors, we have someone that you can learn from and work out with. Men, women and children of all ages can join in.

Although we are a club that likes to compete and go to tournaments, it is not required. Feel free to just join in our weekly workouts. Enjoy a rewarding experience of staying in shape, and learning a self defense skill set along the way.

From 7 years old to 70 years old, we offer something for everyone. Even if you never practiced a martial art before, we welcome you. Come and watch and ask questions before you decide. No obligation necessary.

For more information you can call our head coach, Jim Weidner, at 715-341-3287 or email him at jcweidner@hotmail.com.

Tom Gustin (left) and Jim Weidner (right) of Stevens Point Judo Club,
pictured with Ekio Shepard (middle), an international Kata instructor.