Photo Gallery

Gary Goltz 2011 Clinic

Stevens Point Judo Clinic with USJA President Gary Goltz.


Members of the Stevens Point Judo Club at clinic


Coaches from the Reedsburg and Stevens Point Judo Club with Gary Goltz.


Warm up exercises


Working on drills.


Betsy Guarither-Koth stepping in on Osoto gari.


Gary Goltz demonstrating on Marc Barbaricca (Reedsburg Judo Club)


Young Judo students having fun


Sensei Goltz demonstrating on Will Chapin (SPJC) the meaning of getting in close.


Tom Gustin (SPJC) presenting President Gary Goltz with a bamboo flute from the UWSP and SPJC members.


Class and clinic has ended.

West Bend 2011

Lifelong friends


Betsy Guarither-Koth is definitely caught off balance.


Joey Hetzel (SPJC) throwing opponent with Tomoe nage.


The smiles of victory


Stevens Point Judo Club team members at West Bend


Team members and coaches.

Stevens Point Judo Tournament 2011

Award table with the Guardians on watch.


John Peterson(Racine Judo Club) playing with Nate Boston (SPJC)


Betsy and Joey working for grip.


Timers working a match.

  Group photo

Group photo at Elite Muscle and Fitness.

  Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi

Student performs sasae tsurikomi ashi.

  Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame

Here a student is applying Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame.


Sensei Weidner instructing on some Katamewaza.


Students participating in light randori.


Youth participating in light randori.


Students watching intently as they are being instructed.


Throw being performed.

  Youth pinning

Here a youth puts on a pin.


One of our sensei instructing class.