Sensei Ken Camlek


When did you start practicing Judo?

February 1977


What got you interested in doing Judo in the first place?

I needed an exercise program.


Who was your first Sensei? Were there any other significant teachers for you?

Edwin Happ. Then Jim Weidner and Tom Gustin. Significant teachers Phil Porter and Charlie Robinson.


When did you reach Black Belt?

January 23, 1988


How has Judo affected your life outside the Dojo?

Judo has nurtured good health and respect for others.


What are some of the most important lessons Judo has taught you?

In Judo as in life one “gets thrown”, but in Judo as in life, one gets up and continues with every intention to succeed.


If any what other martial art(s) have you studied? How far did you progress in it/them?



What are some of your proudest achievements in Judo (Tournament victories, awards received, rank received or other) ?

Doing a Judo technique in seemingly an effortless manner


What made you stick with Judo for all of these years?

I made a commitment in February of 1977 to pursue the sport and philosophy of Judo all of my life.


What was your path to black belt like?

It was a step by step building process that will always continue.


What advice would you give to a brand new white belt on what it takes to achieve a black belt?

Be committed to what you are doing, be determined, be open minded be ready to put forth a great deal of effort – never give up.


What was the transition from student to teacher like for you?

I believe we are all students and teachers at the same time.


How long have you been teaching Judo?

On paper I probably became a Judo teacher when I became a shodan. However, I believe all of us teach someone something throughout our lives.


What is your current Rank in Judo and when did you receive it?

Nidan. May 11, 2001.


What are your goals in Judo?

To maintain mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health so that I have the capacity to give back to society. All Judoka have goal of Maximum Efficiency and Mutual Welfare and Benefit.