Stevens Point Judo Tournament

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Saturday April 28, 2012

At UWSP Berg Gym

(No Pre-Registration Required)


Registration &                      9:00 a.m. to10:30 a.m.


Competition Starts:             11:15 a.m.  Starting with kata followed by shiai.

Requirements:                      Current paid-up organization membership in the USJA, USJF, USJI including insurance.  No exceptions.  Insurance Policy Requirement.


Competition:                         Kata $30.00 per team additional kata/s $10.00.  Nage, Katame, Ju No, Goshin No Kata.

                                                Novice Kata team/s First three sets.

                                                Shiai $30.00 and $10.00 for each additional division/s

                                                Please bring your own white and blue belt.


Sanction:                               USJA # 11-086


Divisions:                              Men and Women:  Light, Medium, and Heavy by Rank.  3 minute matches.

                                                Boys and Girls:  By age and Weight.  3 minute matches.

                                                Masters:  Age 35 years and older. 3 minute matches.

Awards:                                 Medals: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and ribbons for 4th and up.


Head Referee:                       Mark Frankel

                                                Brown Belt and up may volunteer to gain experience to referee and judge.


Technical Official:              Tony Tuskowski

Head Kata Judge:                 Matt Carpenter


Note:       A. Tournament director reserves the right to change divisions in order to ensure a safe, fair, and competitive tournament.

                B. Lockers are provided. Please bring a lock.  We are not responsible for lost items.

                C.  Two mat areas and common safety area between competition areas.


Rules:     Current IJF modified rules.

-No chokes in 13 year old divisions and under.                                                                                                                                -No arm bars allowed in junior divisions.                                                                                       


Hotels: Fairfield Inn       Point Motel        Road Star Inn     Best Western    Comfort Suite

                715-342-9300     715-344-1244     715-341-9090     715-341-5110     715-341-6000


Medical Assistance:        Amherst First Responders.


Hosted by:          The Stevens Point Judo Clubs.


Contact:               Jim Weidner 715-341-3287.          Tom Gustin 715-343-0665