2012 Stevens Point Judo Tournament Results

With school coming to a close athletes are preparing for state tournament time. The Sport of Judo held their State Judo Tournament Saturday in Berg Gym. Competitors came from around the state looking to own one of the top three position. Fifty seven competitors participated in the 38th Stevens Point Judo Tournament.

Jim Haferman and Ken Camlek placed first in the Katame No Kata. This form deals with hold downs, chokes and strangles. The panel of judges gave them high score to claim first place.

Once competition started there was no stopping the competitors. The Judo virus hit all the competitors. Each Judoka was fighting for grip, looking for an opening to apply technique for the Ippon. Ippon is the first person to get one point during the match time (3 minutes) is the winner. An Ippon is a throw where uki lands largely on their back or held on their back for 25 seconds. If uki taps or submits from tori’s arm bar, or a choked, or strangled then tori is the winner, the match is done.

Tyler Raddant (UWSP) placed 3rd in senior men’s light weight class. Matt Moore (SPJC) placed 1st in men's 210 pound class and David Bluma(SPJC) placed 3rd. Jason Mence (SPJC) 190 pound class fought hard just to hold on to 2nd place.

In women's open class, Joey Hetzel (SPJC) took 1st and Marissa Arndt (UWSP) claimed 2nd place. Marissa also took 2nd in women's light weight class. Marissa is visually impaired and she said, 'I find Judo fun and exciting.'

In the women's Master Division Joey Hetzel (SPJC) placed 1st and Betsy Gauthier-Koth took 2nd. Betsy Gauthier-koth also had the fastest throw of the tournament, all of 5 seconds.

The Stevens Point Judo Club youth, also brought home medals. In Boys light weight class 11 -12 year old, Forrest Shulfer and Robert Kinney placed 2nd and 3rd respectfully. In Boys 11 -12 year division medium weight class, Bradley Makuski placed 2nd and Robert Kinney took another 3rd. Tim Hofer, 11 -12 year old heavy weight class fought some hard matches to win first place. In Boys 13 -14 medium weight class, Zac Runke placed 3rd place.

Images from the tournament can be found below.

Tom Gustin
30 April 2012
Judo Coach