Guest Coach Program

On April 9, 2013 the Stevens Point Judo Club hosted its guest coach program. Twenty-two judo students were on the mat to learn some of the latest judo skills from a national competitor that worked out with the 2012 Olympic Judo Team.

Hamid Almozaffar began Judo at the Oshkosh YMCA over 22 years ago under Sensei Mehdi Mohammadian. He has also competed in Brazilian Jujitsu and Wrestled. In 2003-USJA Nationals, 2009 AM-CAN and at least two major competitions events per year. He has work and competed with some of Wisconsin elite competitors; Josh Peterson, Josh Resnick, Ali Mohannadian and others. In 2012 Hamid moved to Boston, Massachusetts and began training at Jimmy Pedro’s Judo Center with many members of the 2012 Olympic judo team and other elite competitors from around the world. In the in house tournament at the Pedro’s he competed against the non- Olympic athletes and took first. He has competed in the North American grappling Associations championship (60 man bracket) and lost to a competitor from Ghana in the finals taking 2nd. He hopes to improve Wisconsin Judo by bringing some of that knowledge back to Wisconsin.

Sensei Hamid started the class with warm ups and slowly moved into demonstrating the skills of “gripping and controlling” your opponent’s grip. From controlling the opposition, Sensei Hamid showed an advance technique combination, inner thigh throw (Uchi mata) to minor inner reaping throw, (ko uchi gari). This combination is simple and effective and a favorite of his during competition.

Sensei Hamid ended the class with a challenge to the judo students. He gave each student a sheet of paper with four questions to ask themselves. What are your goals in judo and in life? Their assignment was to fill out the paper and post it where they could see it every day and to slowly work toward completing the goals. This is a procedure used by the Pedro’s Judo Center and something required of the Olympians. Olympian Gold Medalist, Kayla Harrison used this same procedure to achieve her goal.

Tom Gustin
Stevens Point Judo Club
April 15, 2013