Hetzel wins First in Master Division

On May 4 2013 UW Washington County, West Bend, WI., hosted the last state judo tournament of the school year. Over 120 competitors participated in this event. The ages ranged from 5 years old to 50 years old.

Dennis Staral acting as head referee for the tournament explained some of the new rules implemented by the International Judo Federation (IJF) in January 2013. One example is: if a competitor is defensive he will receive a penalty and if he receives three more he will forfeit the match. The IJF wants Judo to be more exciting to the spectators.

Five members of the Stevens Point Judo Club participated in this yearly event. Coaches Jim Weidner and Jim Haferman worked the scoring table and Coach Tom Gustin coached the competitors.

UWSP Wellness 227 student Carolyn McDonnell entered her first tournament away from campus. She would be using her new skills from class against a stranger. Carolyn took second place behind a nationally rank female.

Joey Hetzel now a nationally ranked female judo competitor played in the female master division. Joey a second degree brown belt ended up challenging a first degree black belt for the top title. Joey blocked a throw and followed the black belt to the ground. Joey quickly moved into a smothering hold (kamishiho gatame) applied pressure with her toes and settled in for the 20 second count to win by Ippon and take first place.

The Stevens Point Judo Club will resume classes when school starts in the fall. Any questions contact

Images can be found below

Tom Gustin.
Stevens Point Judo

Joey Hetzel left and Carolyn McDonnell with their trophies

Joey hetzel being crowned winner of Women's Master Division.

Joey fighting for grip.

Carolyn McDonnell stepping out of an attempted inner thigh throw (uchi mata).