Hayward Nishioka

Two-time Judo Hall of Famer

Six members of the Stevens Point Judo Club had the opportunity to meet an Icon in US Judo. Sensei Hayward Nishioka, 8th Degree Black Belt in Judo was in Madison, WI for the weekend. This event was hosted by Osmil Millin of Judo Gym Middleton in Middleton, WI.

Hayward Nishioka started Judo when he was 13 years old. He won four Senior National Championships, Gold medal in the Pan-American Games and Masters. He is an International Class “A” Referee and Coach. He has authored several books about Judo and is on the United States Judo Association Promotion Board. Currently he is a Professor of Education at City College of Los Angeles.

Sensei Nishioka lectured about the evolution of the sport. Early man was territorial and fought to maintain security and territorial assets. As we advanced, our physical and mental capabilities to stay fit advanced. The Olympic Games developed to test our skills against others with similar interest and reduced injuring opponents. Jujitsu came on the scene followed then by Judo. This was a big change in the sport and reduction of injuries. Change is important. Coaches and Instructors must also change with the times. You cannot continue to teach something the way it was done 30-40 years ago, implantation is important.

The Stevens Point students were introduced to some new techniques geared to assist youth and adults to learn techniques. Rather than using strength to hold an opponent down, a little physics was applied and you floated on your opponent to maintain control. This was followed with learning to recognize split second changes in your opponent’s movement to attack with a throw for the win. Zombie drills were introduced to the 47 students participating. Uki (student taking the throw) walked like Zombies. Once off balanced, tori (thrower) would tap uki’s instep. This was done both left and right. The next round tori would throw uki. This drill made learning new skills easier and kids definitely know how zombies walk.

Members of the Stevens Point Judo Club that participated in this clinic were, Jim Weidner, Ken Camlek, Will Chapin, Tom Gustin, Betsy Koth, and Josh Mooney.

Images from the event can be found below.

Tom Gustin