Judo Bronzes Medalist holds judo Clinic

On January 25 -26, 2014 members of the Stevens Point Judo Club participated in a clinic with over 200 other judo practitioners. Marti Malloy, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist in judo was at the Milwaukee Lutheran High School to provide a day long clinic. The event was sponsored by the Wahadachi Judo Club of Milwaukee, WI.

Ms. Malloy started Judo when she was six years old. She won the Olympic Bronze at 25 years old, now at 27 her eyes are set on the 2016 Olympics with gold in her sights at 57 kilo or 125 pounds.

Marti held two separate clinics, one for youth and the other for adults. Both parties were taught a ne waza (mat work) technique. Tori (thrower) is in hands and knees up position similar to two wrestlers in the down position. She demonstrated three different combinations from this position to break uki (receiver) down. Everyone had the opportunity to get hands on guidance from this young Olympian.

Marti demonstrated a throwing combination for the groups. This technique was the throw that helped her win the Bronzes medal. Each throw is a set-up for the other. During her Olympic match the set-up worked for her to win the medal. She broke down the throw for the group which in turn participants worked on the combination with their partner. Malloy indicated that the slightest resistance from your opponent is the time to execute a successful technique.

Later that evening she was guest speaker at the Wisconsin Judo Black Belt Hall of Fame. She told the audience that practice is important and when you step on the mat go out and have fun, if you win a medal that a bonus.

Tom Gustin