Stevens Point Judo Club members bring home national awards

Two current members of the Stevens Point Judo Club and one former member all placed within their divisions during the 2014 USA Judo Senior National Championships, which took place May 3-4 in Reno, Nevada.

William Chapin earned silver in the men's masters 81kg division and bronze in the Open Under 50 Years division. Joey Hetzel earned gold in the womens' 78kg masters division and bronze in the womens' brown belt division. Marissa Arndt, who now studies in St. Louis at the White Dragon Judo Club, took silver in women's 57kg VI division.

Chapin has been in judo for over 20 years and currently teaches at the Stevens Point Judo Club. He is also part owner and one of the instructors at The Dojo, a local MMA dojo that features instruction and practice in judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling and karate. He entered in two divisions at the National tournament and served as Hetzel's coach. Chapin is a second-degree black belt.

Joey Hetzel started judo in 2007. She has won numerous awards in state and regional tournaments, and earned both bronze and silver at the 2013 National Tournament. She practices primarily at the Stevens Point Judo Club and attends classes at The Dojo and Fox Valley Judo in Oshkosh. Hetzel is currently a first-degree brown belt.

Marissa Arndt was introduced to judo at 14 while attending a camp for the blind. She picked up the sport again in college, taking judo classes in 2011 while attending UW-Stevens Point. She enjoyed the sport and continued after her college class was over. When she moved to St. Louis, she sought out the White Dragon Judo Club. She is currently a green belt and will be testing for her third-degree brown belt in the next two months.

Chapin's strongest win came when he threw his opponent using a technique called ura-nage, where an opponent is bear-hugged and thrown down as his feet are taken out from under him.

Hetzel's strongest win was on a combination--a throw called uke waza, where an opponent is pulled to one side over the attacker's leg, followed by a pin and choke, during which Hetzel's opponent tapped out.

Arndt's strongest win was on a very clean drop seionage, which translates to "one-armed shoulder throw."

Both Chapin and Hetzel were aided on their trip expenses using funds earned by the Stevens Pont Judo Club. Chapin received additional support from the Water Street Grille, and Hetzel had support from Cross Fit Stevens Point. Both athletes wanted to express gratitude for their sponsors.

A Photo of the winners.